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Global Traffic Director
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The Global Traffic Director from DNS Made Easy provides geographical source-based IP routing. This unique type of service allows GTD users to optimize and direct traffic flow based on the geographical location of their end user. So their clients in Europe can access their European servers and their users in United States can access their US based servers.

By regionally dividing traffic among different servers or data centers they can easily increase the performance of your web application and services. When your users are accessing your sites and services quicker they are given a much higher level of service which directly relates to higher revenue, higher productivity, and a competitive advantage.

How the Global Traffic Director Service Works

DNS Made Easy’s Global Traffic Director services use our powerful IP Anycast+ network of DNS Made Easy to identify the geographical location of the querying client. Based on the region where the query originates the administrator is able to define unique DNS responses to a specific server. Combining a regional placement of web servers with DNS Made Easy’s GTD service an organization is able to provide a powerful web service and direct their users to their closest hosting facility.

Traffic Segmentation can be done in the following regions
  • North American East (previously called US-East)
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • North American West (previously called US-West)
  • Asia
Benefits of the Global Traffic Director
  • Geographically unique query response – leads to optimized performance of web applications and servers.
  • Network administrators can build a multi-tiered load balancing and DNS Failover solution in conjunction with the Global Traffic Director to create an enterprise fault redundant system that provides maximum uptime and redundancy.
  • Redirect traffic around problem network nodes or outages.
  • The segmentation of the global traffic leads to faster access of cloud and data services.
  • No additional hardware or software required.
How is the Global Traffic Director Configured

Setting up the Global Traffic Director service is quick and easy. All GTD configurations are immediately published to hundreds of name servers with DNS Made Easy’s proprietary Peregrine Instant DNS update technology.

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