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    The Corporate Membership from DNS Made Easy offers enhanced support and security features that are not available to our other client memberships. The Corporate Advantage also offers additional discounts on add on services and query packages for higher tier websites.

Try DNS Made Easy free for 30 days.

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No payment or credit card required.

What is DNS?

DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name System. It is the system created to translate human-readable names of servers to IP addresses, which computers and networking devices can understand.

The DNS server does this for every new site you visit in the browser. It’s the GPS for your ISP address. This information is stored by a DNS Server, which provides the proper information to the requesting computer or networking device.

Think of DNS as being a phone book for computers. DNS matches the name of someone to the number they can be contacted by. DNS can also provide auxiliary services like authentication, verification, and configuration details in special records served.

Why Choose DNS Made Easy?

DNS Made Easy offers a stable, scalable world-wide DNS infrastructure with multiple gigabits of connectivity for the fastest resolution times available. We are the fastest, most reliable and affordable DNS network in the world. DNS Made Easy provides authoritative name servers on an IP Anycast network. This service means DNS Made Easy servers respond globally for domain names using the closest name server to you or your querying client. That translates into fast service. Learn more

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Fastest DNS Speeds

We operate a 5th generation network

The Elite Resolution Platform

Peregrine Instant DNS Updates

Fully Managed and controlled in-house

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