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Through our Enterprise Performance Promise, we are able to offer enterprise-quality DNS services supported by our award winning network, but at costs affordable to small businesses and even home-users.

DNS Made Easy offers two different types of Enterprise-quality DNS services: Managed DNS and Secondary DNS services. Depending on your organization's needs, you may require just one of these services or both.

Managed DNS

Our DNS management platform gives you complete control over your domains, at a price unmatched by any other provider.

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Secondary DNS

Increase redundancy, security, and improve query resolution times when you use multiple DNS providers.

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What is Managed DNS?

Your business depends on the Internet to thrive.

From your website, to ecommerce transactions, communication, and so much more. Don’t gamble your availability by using the DNS from your domain registrar or web hosting provider.

DNS Made Easy offers 3 different ways to manage your DNS configurations:

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The DNS Made Easy Difference


100% Guaranteed Reliability

DNS Made Easy has proven to be the most reliable provider with a 99.9999% overall uptime history over the last 14 years! We also have a guaranteed 500% back SLA for all of our services.

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Sub 30ms Speeds

Month after month our network has ranked either #1 or in the top three for fastest query resolution times in the DNS industry. We are proud to offer sub 30 ms query resolution at all Internet exchanges.


Airtight Network

Our network is setting records everyday as the most reliable in the industry. Our 5th generation IP Anycast + network boasts a 14 year 100% uptime history, unmatched by any other provider.


We'll Grow with You

Our services were engineered for the cloud, which makes them extremely flexible. If you’re a growing business you’ll love how scalable our services are. Our pricing tiers were specifically designed from small business to enterpise with room to grow.

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Every Query Answered

We offer a variety of services to ensure all your end-users, no matter where, will always be connected to your site. You can use our network as a Secondary DNS provider or try our best-selling DNS Failover services combined with Global Traffic Direction and Round Robin load balancing.

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Instant Propagation

Never wait for your records to propagate again! We engineered our proprietary Peregrine Instant Updates so you can make real time changes to your domains.

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What is Secondary DNS?

Don't let an attack or outage on your DNS service take you down!

DNS-based attacks are on the rise, becoming more frequent and more powerful. Many major brands have been knocked offline from DDoS and various other DNS attacks in the last few weeks alone. The best way to ensure 100% uptime is to add a Secondary DNS provider.

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New Study!

Our researchers found that more top 100 domains are adding Secondary DNS to avoid downtime due to service provider outages. Since the October 21st outage, there has been a 5% increase in top brands adding a secondary provider.

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How It Works

Secondary DNS distributes your query traffic between your two (or more) providers. If either DNS provider becomes unavailable, your query traffic will automatically be served by your other DNS provider with virtually no effects to end-users. Resolving name servers favor whichever provider is performing better, and will deliver the majority of the query load to those name servers.

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Additional Features

  • Ease of provisioning with your choice of a REST based API or traditional web control panel.
  • Get complete control over your resource records and user defined TTL's.
  • A 500% SLA for all DNS services, raising the bar industry wide.
  • Bulk Record Modification.
  • A robust core network built upon the highest quality equipment by Juniper Networks and Cisco.
  • Combined connectivity from diverse Tier 1 providers including GTT, TeliaSonera, Telstra, TaTa, and NTT.
  • Achieve maximum scalability, expand and create new domains and sub domains as needed.
  • 24/7 Web Based Support included for all customers.
  • Our Managed DNS Solutions offer support for all major resource record types including: NS, A, AAAA, Round Robin A/AAAA (load balanced), CNAME, MX, SOA, SPF, PTR, SRV, TXT, DK//DKIM, HTTP Redirection, and Wildcard A/CNAME/HTTP Redirection records.

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