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The Elite Resolution Platform

Proprietary Suite of DNS Solutions

The Elite Resolution Platform is a multi-tiered framework that creates localized server redundancy and scalability within the DNS Made Easy enterprise IP Anycast server constellation.

The localized redundancy provided by the Elite Resolution Platform creates redundant servers within every cluster of servers that are constantly updated through a proprietary multi-tiered zone consistency system we call Peregrine Instant DNS Updates. These servers will automatically begin responding to queries if query load increases or in the unlikely event that a server experiences a catastrophic failure.

The Elite Resolution Services platform enables automatic contingencies such that multiple sites can experience catastrophic outages and all of the remaining sites will smoothly take over and share the query load of the down site(s).

This proprietary platform is implemented at the core of the DNS Made Easy network and guarantees that queries are always answered locally on the name server cluster nearest to the querying client.


Peregrine Instant DNS Updates

All DNS Changes Propagated Globally In An Instant

The DNS Made Easy Peregrine Instant DNS Update system is a proprietary cascading multi-tier system through which all DNS updates for primary managed domains are passed. This system ensures that all DNS updates are reliably and instantly propagated to all DNS Made Easy DNS servers around the world.

The Peregrine Instant DNS Update system implements redundancy at both functional and geographic levels. These levels of redundancy guarantee that all DNS updates are reliably completed regardless of any possible transient system or network issues.

The DNS updates that feed into the Peregrine Instant DNS Update system are generated by user interactions with our DNS management web interface or REST based API, DNS Failover events, and Dynamic DNS API requests. All of these updates are instantly processed and propagated.

Most DNS services measure DNS update speeds in minutes or hours while DNS Made Easy customers enjoy Peregrine Instant DNS updates that can be measured in milliseconds. When we say instant DNS updates, we really do mean instant DNS updates.


DNS Defense

Industry-Leading Best Practices and Security Protocols

DNS Defense is a cutting edge platform of features and protocols that DNS Made Easy has developed as part of the commitment to insuring the security and uptime of our enterprise network.

This multi-tiered framework of redundant server clusters and security protocols create an invincible barrier against potential network threats so we can guarantee all queries sent to our network will be answered uninterrupted with some of the fastest response times on the internet.

Our DNS Defense Platform incorporates:

  • Proprietary and Open Source Firewall and Intrusion Detection Services
  • Proprietary and Open Source DDoS Mitigation Devices
  • Heavily Enforced Employee Access Control and Information Disclosure Policies
  • Remote Traffic Black-holing and Bandwidth Capacity Agreements with Upstream Providers
  • Distributed Infrastructure Monitoring Utilizing Internal and Third Party Monitoring Services
  • Automated Zone Comparison on all DNS Servers