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The Fastest Dedicated DNS Network World-wide

DNS Made Easy provides an IP Anycast+ network for both our Managed DNS Service and Secondary DNS Service.

IP Anycast Routing provides global load balancing, redundancy, decreased latency, and a true distributed response to denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Using IP Anycast, each name server IP corresponds to hundreds of systems world-wide that are announced from different geographical locations. DNS queries are then sent to the closest name server to the querying client. With multiple networks dynamically responding to the same IP address, network performance and uptime are drastically increased. There are many reasons why Anycast should be used in a DNS infrastructure including speed, redundancy, and scalability as the core benefits.


The IP Anycast+ Network

DNS Made Easy goes a step further with offering an IP Anycast+ network. IP Anycast+ is a proprietary multi-cloud architecture designed by DNS Made Easy to solve the inadequacies of standard IP Anycast networks. IP Anycast+ provides enhanced traffic scalability, deliverability, and speed. DNS Made Easy provides an enterprise network consisting of millions of dollars of infrastructure working to make sure every query is answered correctly as fast as possible.

All of DNS Made Easy systems are located at premium data facilities with multiple data providers. From a network standpoint DNS Made Easy is in the top tier of DNS providers worldwide. We have a historical 8 year 100% uptime and an overall 99.9999% uptime history due to our 5th generation network, and continue to make significant improvements to redundancy and capacity to make sure we keep it that way.