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Creating a trial account will give you access to our extensive catalog of enterprise DNS solutions free for 30 days!


  • Get access to our award winning Control Panel
  • Support for up to 3 Domain Names
  • Failover for 1 Record
  • Use of Global Traffic Director for 1 Domain



1. Start a 30-Day Trial, No Payment Required.

Free Trial Account


2. Complete the Create an Account Form.

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3. Agree to Our Terms of Service.

Read through our terms of service. Once you’ve read through and understand our terms of service, check the “I understand” check box.

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4. Final Step.

Enter the text that you see in the captcha field (example shown below) and click on Create Account button at the bottom of the screen.

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5. Congratulations!

You have successfully created your DNS Made Easy account. You are now ready to start using the DNS Made Easy interface to enter your domains and configure records for them. Again, your trial period limits you to: 1 DNS Monitor Failover, 3 Domain Names, 1 Global Traffic Director DNS Entry. NOTE: When you purchase a DNS Made Easy membership, your expiration will be a full year from the end of your trial membership period.

6. Create Domains & Records…

The following is a list of DNS Made Easy’s most popular tutorials. Take a quick look to get your domain up and running fast! If you need assistance just let us know, we are here to help you. For a full list of all of our videos and tutorials, please visit help.dnsmadeeasy.com.

7. Contact your Registrar & Change Name Servers

Name servers are provisioned for a domain at the time it is created within the DNS Made Easy control panel. For primary DNS, select the Name Servers tab above the domain to view the assigned DNS Made Easy name servers. For secondary DNS, click on a domain within the Secondary DNS menu of the control panel to view the assigned name servers.


8. When Ready, Purchase Services

Pricing and package information is based on how many domains you will require services for and your query traffic per month. To purchase a membership to continue using DNS Made Easy, you would access the Account – Purchase Services menu of your control panel.

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