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SMTP Authentication
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What is SMTP

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving email. SMTP is limited in its ability to queue messages at the receiving end, so usually it’s used with one of two other protocols: POP3 or Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). These protocols allow the user to save messages in a server mailbox and download them periodically from the server.

DNS Made Easy’s SMTP Service

DNS Made Easy’s SMTP service provides a secure relay for sending outgoing email using SMTP Authentication.

Many ISP’s today block outgoing port 25 as a spam mitigation precaution. However, this prevents many legitimate clients from sending email from their own domain names. SMTP service from DNS Made Easy will allow you to specify an alternate port for your outgoing email relay through our server.

How the SMTP Service Works

Enterprise DNS Made Easy mail servers will act as a relay for your email messages using SMTP authentication. DNS Made Easy’s SMTP Service allows you to configure an account username and password so you can authenticate with our SMTP servers. After authentication, you can send up to your allotted quota in email as a user from your own domain(s) and from any email account you wish. Your email client or server will need to be configured to use our outgoing SMTP server with the authentication credentials you have created.

You can configure your email client or server to send all authenticated SMTP traffic to any of the following ports:

SSL or non-SSL: 21, 25, 5521, 5525, 7721, 7725, 2525

SSL only: 465, 5555

NOTE: DNS Made Easy DNS service for your domain(s) is required to use our SMTP services. We require all users to first create an account, configure DNS service, then call our offices to subscribe to the SMTP service for verification.

Account limitations:

500 emails per day

100 MB of outgoing email per day

30MB of maximum size per email

$24.95 per SMTP Account per Year
Additional Addons

DNS Made Easy does have larger packages that can be added to your account, however there is a maximum of 2500 messages per day per account.

Extra 500 emails per day: $24.95 per year

Extra 100 MB per day: $29.95 per year

DNS Made Easy runs a SPAM free SMTP Service. For your protection and to make sure that your email is always delivered appropriately, DNS Made Easy monitors our services for users that may be considered abusive. In the rare case that a client does use DNS Made Easy email services for Spam, unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or unsolicited bulk email (UBE), then their full DNS Made Easy account will be terminated without refund. All email and DNS services will be stopped immediately. This is in accordance with our Terms of Service and Legal Disclaimer.
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