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Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS

Secondary DNS through DNS Made Easy allows you to keep management of your DNS in-house while still using an external provider for redundancy.

DNS Made Easy provides an IP Anycast world-wide network for secondary DNS services that offers additional name servers outside of your current name server set that can respond authoritatively for your domain. DNS Made Easy’s secondary name servers can be used in addition to your primary name servers at your registrar so you can configure your name server(s) as hidden masters for added security.


How to Start Using DNS Made Easy Secondary DNS

To start you create your domain on DNS Made Easy’s enterprise secondary name servers which will require you configure an IP Set with the IP of one or more of your master / primary name servers. Then, tell your domain registrar that your domain will be using DNS Made Easy’s secondary name server(s).

You would then configure your master / primary name server’s ACL to allow zone transfer to the DNS Made Easy secondary name servers. If you limit your name servers to only allow transfers to certain IPs, then you should configure your systems to allow transfers to our name servers. These IP’s should be listed in your ACL on your primary system as well as within any NOTIFY statements you may have configured.


Quotas and Limitations for Secondary DNS

All domains that have over 100 resource records must use IXFR for zone updates.

Domain and DNS query quotas are subject to the quotas of your DNS Made Easy Membership level.

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