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DNS Services

A little bit about our company…


DNS Made Easy currently offers DNS services to approximately 600,000 domains on the Internet. As the largest Enterprise DNS provider in the industry, it permits us to keep costs low and pass the savings directly to our clients. Our policy has always been to invest more cents per dollar on infrastructure than any other DNS company; and we continue to do just that.

DNS Made Easy is also the only enterprise IP Anycast provider on the planet that works with clients of all sizes. Our diverse clientele consist of non-profit, government, and commercial sectors and ranges from start-ups to internationally recognized corporate organizations.



Our global IP Anycast network has the fastest available resolution speeds in the industry with sub 30 millisecond response times in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Our infrastructure is fully redundant and self-healing with over 500 physical servers and an estimated 100 network devices.

Our network is geographically distributed, with over 12 global points of presence. All of this has allowed DNS Made Easy to consistently deliver the fastest, most reliable, and most cost effective DNS services in the world. This is all made possible by a primary goal of continued reinvestment in infrastructure.

We built our infrastructure to improve your uptime, increase speeds, and provide unparalleled DNS services. By building direct relationships with our Tier 1 network providers and collocation facilities we are able to offer a global enterprise DNS platform at an affordable price. In fact, DNS Made Easy pricing is a fraction of similar services in the industry which is precisely our business model. We have been the world leader in DNS services for over 11 years. DNS Made Easy is the easiest decision your company can make to increase ROI, uptime, and performance.


Quality of Service

DNS Made Easy has proven to be a DNS network unmatched in the industry. We are the only IP Anycast provider to have over 8 years of 100% uptime and we guarantee 100% uptime with our industry leading 500% SLA credit. Use of advanced services like DNS Failover and the Global Traffic Director will guarantee the highest possible uptime, fastest resolution, and maximize your company profits.

Our last survey showed that our clients rated our service 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 57 user ratings.