Representational State Transfer API

DNS Made Easy's API is available to perform core functions of the DNS Made Easy web interface programmatically. DNS Made Easy's API is a powerful resource and a great alternative to DNS management through our conventional web interface. Use of the REST based API is available free to all Business and Corporate Memberships.

This API allows clients to seamlessly integrate their DNS Made Easy domain and record modifications as part of their normal hosting maintenance and server provisioning. Features like the Global Traffic Director, HTTP Redirection, and the Peregrine Instant DNS Update system are all available through this API.

The ability to automatically create a new record every time you launch a new VPS, or Amazon EC2 instance.

The ability to automatically change or add resource records on the fly without having to access a web interface.

The ability to re-brand the DNS Service and integrate our API with a front/back end application.

Access to the REST API is not included in our Small Business Membership.

The REST API is included free with our Business or Corporate Memberships.

Sandbox Environment

For convenience DNS Made Easy has created a test bed environment for the API called the Sandbox. This test environment allows clients to test features of the DNS Made Easy API before making changes to active DNS configuration.

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