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Mail Services

DNS Made Easy offers several enterprise level mail (SMTP) services to fit various demands by the DNS Made Easy user base. DNS Made Easy administrators use industry best practices to create reliable and secure email services that perform at the top of the industry. All of the DNS Made Easy-provided email-related services are designed to offer superior ROI to our clients.

DNS Made Easy offers the following email services to compliment our enterprise DNS services:

SMTP Services with Sendgrid
Send up to 400 emails per day for free. DNS Made Easy partnered with Sendgrid, the leader in email in enterprise email deliverability. Together, we are providing all of our DNS customers with free email services.
Free to DNS Made Easy customers

SMTP Authentication Service for Outgoing Email
DNS Made Easy’s SMTP service provides a secure relay for sending outgoing email using SMTP Authentication. Many ISPs block outgoing port 25 as a spam mitigation precaution.

This prevents many legitimate clients from sending email from their own domain names. SMTP service from DNS Made Easy allows you to specify an alternate port for your outgoing email relay through our server.

Starts at $24.95 per 500 emails per day

Backup Email Services
DNS Made Easy provides backup email services for your incoming email. This means if your primary email server is offline, or cannot be reached, your email is sent to DNS Made Easy’s Enterprise Back-up email servers. Once the email reaches our servers, it remains in queue. We continually attempt delivery of the mail to your primary mail server until it is back online. That way emails aren’t lost when a system goes down.

Starts at $12.95 per domain per year

Mail Server Forwarding
The forwarding system allows users to accept email for their domain on an alternate port. This service allows you to forward email from a single domain to a different email server on any available port. This can be useful if your ISP is blocking incoming port 25, and you are unable to receive email on your own mail server. DNS Made Easy will accept the email for your domain and forward it to your email server on any port you configure. We will provide you with additional MX records that will store and forward the email to the appropriate server.

Starts at $18.95 per domain per year