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DNS InfographicDNS Made Easy, the world leader in enterprise IP Anycast DNS services, is continuing their efforts to increase awareness of the domain name system with the launch of LearnDNS.com. The site educated Internet users on the process that takes place every time a domain name is entered into your web browser’s address bar. With current legislation putting DNS in the spotlight, DNS Made Easy felt it was important to continue their efforts to enlighten the public on the technical details involved in the global Domain Name System.

learn dns

The current main feature of the site is DNS Explained; a video detailing the entire DNS process from the operating system, all the way through the authoratative name servers and back again. The video introduces even computer-savvy users to concepts they may not have previously considered, such as the important role that the different name servers play during the process of one DNS lookup.

Since its release, DNS Explained has been circulated by bloggers and media organizations throughout the web including, Technorati, Laughing Squid, Geeks Are Sexy, and the Tech Inspiration Blog. DNS Explained was also A Staff Pick on Visually, a website dedicated to the creation-and appreciation, of Infographics.

Our goal with DNS Explained and LearnDNS.com is to increase awareness of DNS through education.  This is an extension of our focus on training and education for both our customers, and anyone who may be curious about how the Domain Name System works.