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DNS Services

3 Easy Ways to Manage your Records and Domains:

At DNS Made Easy we understand that there are different times where you may want to access your DNS data and make changes. Sometimes you are in front of your computer, sometimes you are only near your phone, and sometimes you just need to have it automated within your application. Our engineers understand this and this is why we allowed multiple ways to manage your DNS within the powerful IP Anycast+ DNS Made Easy network.


    1. Control Panel

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    1. Mobile DevicesThe brand new DNS mobile application is now available to users with IOS devices, which can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store. The Android version of the mobile app has been available since August 19th. DNS Made Easy Mobile is an application enabling DNS Made Easy clients to manage (search, view, modify, and add/delete) the DNS settings for domains managed through DNS Made Easy DNS services.




  1. REST APIDNS Made Easy’s API is available to perform core functions of the DNS Made Easy web interface programmatically. DNS Made Easy’s API is a powerful resource and a great alternative to DNS management through our conventional web interface. Use of the REST based API is available free to all Business and Corporate Memberships.

    This API allows clients to seamlessly integrate their DNS Made Easy domain and record modifications as part of their normal hosting maintenance and server provisioning. Features like the Global Traffic Director, HTTP Redirection, and the Peregrine Instant DNS Update system are all available through this API. Learn more