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Corporate Advantage


The Corporate Membership from DNS Made Easy offers enhanced support and security features that are not available to our other client memberships. The Corporate Advantage also offers additional discounts on add on services and query packages for higher tier websites.


Additional Queries, Corporate level Query traffic Included

DNS Made Easy Corporate Accounts include up to 50 Million Queries per Month (QPM) across all managed domains. At the Corporate Membership you are automatically given the lowest possible pricing for queries so a pre-purchase of queries is not required but still possible if your organization prefers to be billed annually. As a Corporate Member, once you pass your 50 million queries that is included in the Corporate Membership we will automatically invoice you based on your query usage. This allows you to take advantage of better and the most competitive pricing in the world. No 95% gimmicks and no high overages because your company succeeds. At DNS Made Easy we want your organization to grow and we want to help you grow. The following lists all of the pricing for queries above 50 million per month, invoiced by usage monthly. PMQ = Per Million Queries

  • Queries from 50 million to 1 billion are $0.48 PMQ
  • Queries over 1 billion are billed at $0.20 PMQ


Additional Domains, the best value in the Industry

DNS Made Easy Corporate accounts are provided with DNS for up to 50 Domains at the lowest available pricing in the industry. DNS Made Easy charges per year what most other competitors charge per month for the same quality IP Anycast network.


Global Traffic Director Included, Geographical-based IP Routing

Corporate Members can take advantage of Global Traffic Director Service for a single domain name included, a $660.00 value. Global Traffic Director services allow clients with servers located in different regions to to specify a server to route clients to based on location.


Additional User Accounts, Multiple Administrators on a single Account

Corporate Memberships are provided with 10 different user accounts to allow multiple people to manage different aspects of the same DNS Made Easy account using different login credentials. This can be used to specify different permissions for different sub-accounts.


Priority Web Support, Automatic Priority Ticket Escalation

Corporate Members take advantage of priority ticket support via our web ticketing system, including automatic ticket escalation to the first available support representative.Corporate Members can also take advantage of phone support during normal business hours by calling our sales office, pressing 1, and providing the user name of your account.


Migration Support, Dedicated migration support moving to DNS Made Easy Services.

Corporate Members are provided 4 hours of initial setup and migration support in moving to the DNS Made Easy platform. An experienced network administrator will assist you with migration to DNS Made Easy services ensuring the process is seamless. This migration assistance can also be used to import your configuration into our system from a file or other resource. Contact sales for assistance with your corporate migration.


Optional Dedicated Vanity IP Addresses, A full rebranding solution of the DNS Made Easy name servers.

Corporate Memberships have the option to purchase DNS Made Easy Corporate Member only Dedicated Vanity IP Addresses. Dedicated Vanity IP addresses serve as a full rebranding solution for the DNS Made Easy name servers. Traditional Vanity NS configuration allows you to rebrand DNS Made Easy name servers using your own domain, this feature is included free with any DNS Made Easy membership level.

As a Corporate Member, you can purchase ($300 per year additional, optional) a set of IP addresses SWIPed to your organization directly though ARIN which will still utilize the DNS Made Easy IP Anycast network. These IP addresses will be used as your own dedicated name server IP’s which will completely mask the host names of DNS Made Easy name servers appearing that you operate your own global network of DNS servers.


Discounts on Upgrades, Discounts on Pre-Purchased Additional Queries

Discounts on pre-purchased additional queries upwards of a 16% savings over regular rates as well as discounts on any invoiced overage charges, a 50% savings over regular rates.


Optional Dedicated Phone Support Contract, One yearly flat fee

Corporate Memberships have the options of purchasing a dedicated phone support contract for an additional fee per year. This contract provides a dedicated phone support contract for system administrator live phone support through our Corporate Member only support phone number. You will be provided with a provisioned phone support contact number to use by contacting +1.703.880.3095, pressing option 2, and entering the contract number. This includes 2 incidents (up to 2 hours each) of night / weekend / holiday support per year. Incidents cannot be rolled over to an additional year. Additional incidents, if required will be billed on a per-incident basis. Night and weekend phone support is billed at $120.00 USD per hour. Holiday phone support is billed at $260.00 USD per hour.


Account ACL’s for Login Access, Added Security Measures

An account ACL (Access Control List) is available for the account administrator to define a set of IP addresses which are allowed to access your DNS Made Easy account. Any attempted login from an IP address not defined in the ACL will be denied. This helps prevent against unauthorized account access or changes to your DNS zone file.