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Why outsource Managed DNS?

There are things you do well and things we do well. We are experts in DNS. All of DNS Made Easy systems are located at premium data facilities with multiple data providers. From a network standpoint DNS Made Easy is in the top tier of DNS providers worldwide. We have a historical 13-year 100% uptime and an overall 99.9999% uptime history due to our 5th generation network, and continue to make significant improvements to redundancy and capacity to make sure we keep it that way. Learn more


The Corporate Advantage

The Corporate Membership from DNS Made Easy offers enhanced support and security features that are not available to our other client memberships. The Corporate Advantage also offers additional discounts on add on services and query packages for higher tier websites. Learn more

  • Additional Queries, Corporate level Query traffic Included
  • Additional Domains, the best value in the Industry
  • Priority Web Support, Automatic Priority Ticket Escalation
  • Migration Support, Dedicated migration support moving to DNS Made Easy Services.

Automatic DNS Failover & System Monitoring

DNS Made Easy’s Automatic DNS Failover & System Monitoring solution guarantees as soon as your website, service or internet connection is offline, all your traffic is automatically pointed to a secondary IP address, server or provider you have set up at another location. This means your applications are always available – 100 percent of the time. Learn more


Benefits of using DNS Made Easy
Global DNS Network
Global DNS Network

Our Internet backbone has the largest and most reliable data providers in the business. Providing answers to each DNS request with complete redundancy is what we guarantee for each of the 5 billion DNS requests we receive each day. We believe that having zero downtime is not only expected in the DNS business, but required.

Managed and Controlled In-house
Managed and Controlled In-house

We know that managing our full network from contract, to rack, to router, to switch, to name server is the only way we can fully manage and optimize it for speed, redundancy, and scalability. With 100% of network management being handled in-house, we ensure you receive the highest quality of service possible.

IP Anycast+ Network
IP Anycast+ Network

DNS Made Easy goes a step further with offering an IP Anycast+ network. IP Anycast+ is a proprietary multi-cloud architecture designed by DNS Made Easy to solve the inadequacies of standard IP Anycast networks. IP Anycast+ provides enhanced traffic scalability, deliverability, and speed.

100% Uptime Guaranteed
100% Uptime Guaranteed

A geographically diverse network results in a presence on a global scale. IP Anycast, geographically distributed DNS networks are vital to the security and reliability of of a network. DNS Made Easy provides an IP Anycast network that spans the United States, Europe, and Asia.

World Renowed Facilities
World Renowed Facilities

A direct presence with the highest quality carrier-neutral data facilities comprises physical variety for a global network. DNS Made Easy facilities include Telx, Equinix, Teremark, CoreSite, Telehouse, Internic, and Mega-I.

Global Traffic Director
Global Traffic Director

The Global Traffic Director provides geographical source-based IP routing. This unique type of service allows GTD users to optimize and direct traffic flow based on the geographical location of their end user. So clients in Europe can access their European servers and their users in United States can access their US based servers.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

We are proud of our client relationships. And we’re proud to share the observations of those who know best what it’s like to work with DNS Made Easy.

“Hands down DNSMadeEasy represents the best value in our IT budget. Rarely (in any industry!) do you find a company with an offering that is as good (if not better) than their competitors yet costs hundreds to thousands of times less. Amazing job in all facets guys, you should be proud of the company you’ve built!”
— Dan Plaston
“We have been using DNS Made Easy in an ever increasing measure over the last few years as we found the need to outsource our Reverse DNS and Business Critical DNS Services to a global specialist provider. DNS Made Easy fitted the bill very well. I am a truly satisfied client and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”
— Matthew Butt
“DNS Made Easy is the best DNS service provider in terms of up-time, delay and price. I’ve been a happy client since 2010 and I do not regret a second my choice. The best ROI in this industry. Definitely recommend to any on-line business!”
— Eugene Roca
“I’ve tried Network Solutions, GoDaddy, 1and1 and Yahoo DNS, No one can provide IP failover, only DNS Made Easy work for me, I moved all my domain to DNS Made Easy, only one DNS server to manage, Easy to configure, Reliable and Affordable, Thank you DNS Made Easy.”
— Eric Poon
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