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DNS Made Easy’s Plans Moving Forward

DNS Made Easy is committed to improving our service quality and features to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.

DNS Made Easy invests more cents per dollar on infrastructure than any other DNS company in the industry. Investing back into DNS Made Easy allows us to keep enhancing our services and providing a far superior product to our clients.


Coming Soon

Network Expansion – Expansion is planned in 2014 to add additional POP’s to further increase speed and redundancy.

Enhanced Monitoring Services – DNS Made Easy is planning the release of new more robust monitoring service with historical data about system uptime history and performance in addition to what is currently offered with DNS Failover.

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring – with the release of the Control Panel 3.0, DNS Made Easy introduced a new suite of query reporting tools with a consolidated view of traffic with graphs and tools for better management of queries. DNS Made Easy is now in the process of improving upon that system in an effort to provide real-time reporting.

CNAME Failover – Currently, DNS Failover services can only be configured on A records within DNS configuration. DNS Made Easy is in the process of adding CNAME Failover to allow clients to failover CNAME records to another host name.


Just Arrived

Sydney, Australia POP – The fastest DNS provider in United States and Europe is now also #1 in Australia.

ANAME Records – DNS Made Easy released a proprietary record type ANAME records which were designed as a solution to the limitations of the CNAME (alias) record.

REST API V2.0– a more robust version of our REST API with additional features has been released.

New Web Interface for DNS Management – since the release of DNS Made Easy’s new website we have been planing the release of a new and improved web interface for client management of DNS. We have developed and released the beta version of a new management GUI which will improve the ease of use of DNS Made Easy services for all our clients. The new GUI has been released and is now live.

The addition of Asia to the Global Traffic Director – We have added Asia as an additional region to our Global Traffic Director service.

IPv6 Routed Name Servers – DNS Made Easy has successfully implemented IPv6 routing on all name servers. We currently support the creation of IPv6 records on our name servers and have released our IPv6 addresses for both sets of primary authoritative name servers. These addresses are available within our management interface.

GeoDNS – DNS Made Easy’s Global Traffic Director Released April 2011 – DNS Made Easy’s custom developed GeoDNS feature called the Global Traffic Director allows users to specify how their visitors are directed to their geographical servers. This service has completed development and implementation.

REST API– we have completed development and implementation of our custom developed REST API to allow users to manage their DNS in a more convenient and automated way.

Our last survey showed that our clients rated our service 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 57 user ratings.

DNS Made Easy 9 out of 10 based on 24 ratings. 5 user reviews