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With DNS Made Easy as a partner, we can work together to design a solution that meets all of your requirements. Let us take the reigns and manage your DNS services externally with the industry experts. We make complicated aspects of DNS management EASY and provide enhanced support and security features exclusive to our Corporate level of service.

As an added benefit of the Corporate Membership, we offer a pricing model tailored towards your company’s growth. As your organization’s web presence grows, DNS query pricing is adjusted based on your traffic levels. Management at DNS Made Easy understands that you do not want to be burdened with constantly renegotiating new pricing terms.

Since we understand the business of buying in bulk, we will automatically adjust your pricing to remain the lowest in the enterprise DNS space. So as your DNS query usage increases, your pricing will decrease automatically to new industry-low terms.

DNS Made Easy services are designed with
the core goal of achieving superior:

DNS Made Easy has continuously outperformed other DNS solutions in third party comparisons that rank DNS services. We tailor each DNS product to your organization’s requirements to ensure each client is taking full advantage of all the resources and benefits DNS Made Easy services can provide.


DNS Made Easy has the highest uptime over any other DNS service during our company’s history. Our network is fully managed and controlled in-house, built and operated by DNS industry experts.


DNS Made Easy offers two-factor and Multi-Factor Authentication as well as full audit logs so that every change can be monitored and audited. Our engineers constantly research, upgrade, and redesign our network to exceed industry standards and ensure we continually defend against modern security threats.

The DNSME Corporate Advantage:
Additional queries and automatic price adjustments are based on organization’s growth.

Here’s what that means for you: DNS Made Easy Corporate accounts include up to 50 million Queries per Month (QPM) across all managed domains. If a higher volume of query traffic is required, an invoice is automatically generated each month for any additional query usage above the 50 million queries included. At DNS Made Easy we want to help you grow.

Pricing for queries above 50 million per month, invoiced by usage monthly:
Queries from 50 million to 1 billion are $0.48 PMQ
Queries over 1 billion are billed at $0.20 PMQ

Additional domains included, the best value in the industry.

Here’s what that means for you: DNS Made Easy Corporate accounts are provided with DNS for up to 50 domains. This is included in the annual cost and is at the lowest available pricing in the industry. Additional domains can be added for as low as 10 cents per month.

DNS Made Easy charges per year what most other competitors charge per month, and that’s while boasting a higher quality IP Anycast+ network!

Global Traffic Director included, geographical-based IP routing.

Here’s what that means for you: Global Traffic Director (GTD) service is a geo-based DNS service that allows system administrators with servers in different regions of the world to define advanced routing rules. Utilizing DNS Made Easy’s IP Anycast+ network, administrators can regionally route clients to the closest server to their location to maximize speeds.

Use of GTD offers many benefits including further optimizing the performance of web applications by directing clients to content faster. As an administrator, you can redirect traffic around problem nodes or local network outages with no additional hardware or software. Segmenting traffic in this manner leads to quicker access of cloud and data services.

Additional User Accounts with multiple administrators.
Here’s what that means for you:As an added security benefit, additional sub-user account functionality is included with the Corporate Membership. You are provided with 10 different sub-user accounts to allow multiple people to manage different aspects of the same DNS Made Easy account using different login credentials. This can be used to specify permissions for different sub-accounts.

Priority Web support with automatic priority ticket escalation.
Here’s what that means for you:Providing top quality support to our Corporate clients is our top priority. The Corporate Membership includes priority web-based ticket support through our online support website, as well as automatic ticket escalation to the first available support representative. As standard with any account, phone support is also included during normal business hours by calling our sales office, pressing 1, and providing the user name of your account. We want you to know that you’re our top priority.
Dedicated migration assistance moving to DNS Made Easy.
Here’s what that means for you: Initial setup and migration support is included in our Corporate membership when moving to the DNS Made Easy platform . An experienced network administrator will assist you with migration to ensure the process is seamless. Migration assistance can also be used to import your configuration from a file or other resource. Please contact our sales office if you have any questions about our migration processes available to you.
Optional dedicated vanity IP addresses are also available: a full rebranding solution of DNSME name servers.
Here’s what that means for you:Dedicated vanity IP addresses are a set of account specific name server IP addresses which serve as a full rebranding solution for DNS Made Easy name servers. .This feature is different from traditional vanity DNS configurations, in that you’re able to rebrand DNS Made Easy name server IP addresses using your own domain.

Corporate Memberships have the option to purchase DNS Made Easy Corporate Member’s-Only dedicated Vanity IP Addresses (additional $300 per year). The set of IP addresses will be SWIPed to your organization directly though ARIN but still utilize the DNS Made Easy’s IP Anycast network. These IP addresses will be used as your own dedicated name server IPs which will completely mask the host names of DNS Made Easy name servers appearing that you operate your own global network of DNS servers.

Reduced rates on upgrades and pre-purchased query traffic.
Here’s what that means for you: DNS Made Easy’s Corporate query rates are the lowest in the industry for any comparable IP Anycast+ network infrastructure. We want to partner with you while you’re expanding your services based, we will lower our service rates so that we can grow together.
Optional dedicated phone support contract – one flat fee per year.
Here’s what that means for you:An optional purchase of a dedicated phone support contract is available for an additional fee per year. This contract provides a dedicated after hours phone support contract for system administrators. You get exclusive access to  live phone support through our Corporate Member’s-Only number. This additional phone support includes two incidents (up to two hours each) of night/weekend/holiday support per year.*

* Incidents cannot be rolled over to an additional year. Additional incidents (if required) will be billed on a per-incident basis. Night and weekend phone support is billed at $120.00 USD per hour. Holiday phone support is billed at $260.00 USD per hour.

Account ACL’s for login access and added security measures.
Here’s what that means for you:As an added security benefit, an account Access Control List (ACL) is available for the account administrator to define a set of IP addresses which are allowed to access the DNS Made Easy account. Any attempted login from an IP address not defined in the ACL will be denied. This helps prevent against unauthorized account access or changes to your DNS zone file.

For more information, call 703.880.3095 or email at: sales@dnsmadeeasy.com

When does the best get better? When you start using the DNS Made Easy Corporate Advantage, see how our enterprise-level service and support can help take your business to the next level.

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