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Heartbleed Bug: We Got You Covered

By now I am sure everyone has heard or read something about the OpnSSL bug CVE-2014-0160 (aka Heartbleed bug) and are most likely wondering if this bug has affected their DNS Made Easy account. We would like to put your mind at ease and officially announce...
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One cartoon. One caption. One GoPro Camera.

DNS Made Easy wants you to bring on the banter for the cartoon contest Using DNS Made Easy services saves you time, which creates more avenues to explore the things you love – hiking, painting, sports, family time, fishing or lazy days on the beach....
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Top 5 Reasons DNS Speed Matters

Why it’s worth making the change to a third-party DNS server and why DNS Made Easy is your best bet The job of a DNS server is to translate domain names (google.com) into IP addresses ( The DNS server does this for every new site you...
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Fire up your Speeds and Web Performance with DNS Made Easy!

It might be cold outside but you can heat up your website with DNS Made Easy. Fire up your Speeds and Web Performance with DNS Made Easy! http://www.solvedns.com/dns-comparison/2013/12    
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Dangers to Using Your Registrar’s DNS

The major issue with registrar DNS services is that they do not specialize in DNS. Service that a registrar offers is an add-on to the registrar’s main function, which is to sell domain names. Since DNS is a core service required to use a domain for...
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What Is a DDoS Attack?

These essays are part of a series about the mechanics behind the Internet. They will be used as building blocks with the aim of helping a broader audience, i.e., non-IT experts, understand how all this “stuff” works when it comes to lines of communication...
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[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 of the Most Memorable DNS Made Easy Accomplishments of 2013

Like most companies, the DNS Made Easy team is reflecting back on their accomplishments for 2013. There has so much growth this past year that is has been difficult to keep track of all the events and activities that rapidly unfolded. That’s why...
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Planning on Launching an Online Business in 2014? 4 Tips on Getting Started

It’s now early December, which means that the new year – 2014 – will be here in less than a month.  Most people who are deciding to start a business next year have already done a lot of the legwork to ensure that things go as smoothly...
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Cyber Monday and Speed – Don’t Get Caught with Slow Speeds!

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day all year. It has become so popular that shopping today has more than tripled in less than a decade. Interestingly, the term – Cyber Monday – was coined in 2005 by Shop.org, which is a division...
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Happy 30th, DNS

November 1984, RFC882 and RFC883 were launched, introducing the world to DNS. DNS is a crucial part of the Internet Infrastructure – it plays a role in ALL DNS lookups. Without DNS, there would be no Internet, so we are happy to announce its birthday...
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